05/14/2014 12:57 pm ET

GOP Candidate Neel Kashkari Slams Tea Party Opponent With George Bush Ad Spoof

Bloomberg via Getty Images

A GOP gubernatorial candidate pulled a page from former President George W. Bush's playbook this week, creating a GIF of his opponent's head on a wind-surfing John Kerry's body to illustrate the candidate's flip-flop on an issue. The use of Kerry's body was first pointed out by The Washington Post.

Neel Kashkari, who is running for governor in California, posted a series of GIFs attacking his GOP opponent, Tim Donnelly. One of the criticisms in the list of "9 Reasons Why Tim Donnelly Would be a REALLY Bad Choice" accuses Donnelly, a tea party favorite and state assemblyman, of flip-flopping on property rights.

The claim is accompanied by a GIF that features Donnelly's head on Kerry's body. The image of Kerry windsurfing is from a well-known Bush ad from the 2004 campaign that accused the Democratic presidential candidate of flip-flopping on a number of issues and deciding his positions by going "whichever way the wind blows."

Kashkari and Donnelly will meet in California's June 3 top-two open primary, from which one is expected to advance with Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to the general election. Brown is expected to win, but Republicans have expressed concern that Donnelly could best Kashkari, a scenario that some have said could set back the state GOP's attempts to rebrand itself as inclusive and in touch with Californians.



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