05/14/2014 09:47 am ET Updated May 14, 2014

People With Kids Really Can't Understand Why I Never Want Them

AE Pictures Inc. via Getty Images

Lately, it seems everyone everywhere wants to talk about whether or not I want to have kids. I can't escape the conversation, and while I can handle the inquiries, the looks of surprise at my answer (“No, I don't want to have kids”) are, quite frankly, frustrating. Based on the fact that women are reproducing later and later these days, I'm not at an age where my biological clock
is ticking. There's time yet, and I can always change my mind.

On the other hand, I simply do not feel that powerful maternal instinct so many of my friends claim to have. Even though I'm an independent, self-aware adult who doesn't see kids in the future for the most part, the large majority of people I know who have children or are planning to have them one day, find this confusing. They’re the ones who like to say: "I'm so in love with my baby. I can't imagine my life without my kid."

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