05/14/2014 06:25 pm ET Updated May 15, 2014

Robert Duvall's Awful Pickup Line Involved 'Linoleum'

Fun fact from the archives: Robert Duvall and Dustin Hoffman used to be roommates. Duvall, now 83, spoke with HuffPost Live's Roy Sekoff about his time living with Hoffman in 1960s New York City.

"Dusty was the kind of guy: he had a nude girl on the table, he pretended he was an artist," Duvall said about Hoffman's social life at the time. "He got more woman than Joe Namath or anybody."

That "anybody" referenced by Duval included the actor himself. As Duvall joked with Sekoff, his interactions with the opposite sex were frequently awkward.

"I said to this girl -- and it didn't work -- I said, 'Come up to our apartment and see our new linoleum we put on the floor,'" Duvall remembered about a particularly poor pickup line. "Stupidest, dumbest line in history." Watch Duvall recount the story above. The full interview with Duvall about his new film "A Night In Old Mexico" is here.



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