05/15/2014 09:23 am ET Updated May 15, 2014

Eye Boogers And Ass Slaps: The Gross Side Of Female Friendships


As a survivor (or celebrator, or however you want to see it) of an all women’s education, I spent a lot of years getting really close to my female friends and thinking nothing of it. I mean physically close: There was a certain level of full-body contact that was a standard part of my social life.

I'm not talking about some girly stereotype of underwear-clad girls having pillow fights and making cuddle puddles and engaging in triple kisses, though. The closeness I'm talking about is the sort of sometimes-gross non-sexual intimacy that shows you really care. I'm thinking less of a prelude to girl-on-girl porn than of monkeys engaged in social grooming. And two new shows — MTV’s "Faking It" and USA’s "Playing House" — have been surprisingly successful at capturing this side of female friendships.

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