05/15/2014 05:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Beverage Maker Aims To Put Popular Drink On The Moon

Sports beverages have circled the Earth, and soon they may find their way to the moon.

Otsuka, a Japanese pharmaceutical company and beverage maker, has plans to place the first beverage on the moon -- or, as The Verge called the stunt, the first ad on the moon. If the can lands successfully on the lunar surface, it could even become the first private moon landing.

The promotion will take the form of a reengineered can of the company's Pocari Sweat sport drink. The titanium "dream capsule" will contain a powdered version of the beverage and tiny engraved messages from children who were given a chance to send their dreams to the moon.

Plans call for the dream capsule to be carried into lunar orbit in October 2015 by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and then deposited on the lunar surface by the "Griffin" lander designed by Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic Technology.

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A still from a video created by the production team behind Otsuka's "dream capsule" shows what the blue Pocari Sweat can will look like on the moon.

Otsuka considers the can a sort of time capsule. The idea is that decades from now, someone will land on the moon, open the capsule, read the dreams -- and then reconstitute and drink the powdered beverage. Using lunar water, of course.

So far, only prototypes of the capsule have been created. Otsuka is preparing to create the final product, which will be able to withstand the lunar environment for at least three decades, according to a company video (see above).



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