05/15/2014 10:52 am ET Updated May 16, 2014

Selena Gomez Was Not Pregnant, Did Not Miscarry, Says Rep

Selena Gomez has had a rough year with reports she's battling lupus, a stint in rehab, and her altogether exhausting on-again off-again relationship with Justin Bieber.

All that aside, the 21-year-old's rep says that In Touch Weekly's report claiming the former Disney star was pregnant in 2012 -- but miscarried -- while she was dating Bieber is completely false. In Touch alleges that Gomez wanted to have the child and subsequently went into a "downward spiral," which later led to said stint in rehab in 2014.

The rumor also had one of the tabloid's sources claiming Bieber's team felt the baby would "ruin his career because at the time he had a clean image." And while the thought of Bieber with a "clean image" these days is worth a few chuckles, Gomez's rep told Us Weekly that the entire pregnancy report is "100 percent fictional."

As for her recent stay in rehab, which she left after just 14 days into a six-week program, much to the objections of facility staff, Gomez's rep also confirmed that it wasn't because of a miscarriage.

In the months since Gomez left rehab, there has been plenty of shakeup in her life, including rumored tiffs with friends. Without warning, she also fired her mother and stepfather as managers in April. A few days later, Gomez left CAA for WME, signing with Brillstein Entertainment Partners for management -- a "crucial piece of the Disney alum's strategy, long in the works, to move on to more adult-oriented fare in film and music," according to The Hollywood Reporter.



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