05/16/2014 10:00 am ET Updated 5 days ago

23 Animals Who Are Absolute Sh*t At Hide-And-Seek

The business of "hide-and-seek" is uncomplicated. One hides, the other seeks. The objective of the hider is to hide. The objective of the seeker is to seek.

However, when you ask an animal to play a round of the game, the task of hiding gets a little muddy.

Some animals take direction but fail to fully grasp the concept of going unseen. Others can't seem to slightly understand that their heads are larger in size than the stem of a flower. Today, we're here to say there is definitely room for improvement.

To all the dogs, cats, cows and critters who think they can keep up with human-level hide-and-seek, well, let's have at it:

Oh, Dog.
He thinks he's really good at hide and seek.
What are we going to do about that snout?

Turtle, you are under that bird.

If a cow hides in the woods, can anybody see her?


Dog! You were so close. But the mirror ... you neglected something important.

And if you see my reflection in the snow covered hills, then you are bad at hiding.

Cat. Cat. Come on, Cat. Most of the cats in this scenario are illustrations.

So, we spot you, Cat.

Attention, Dog. A wig is not a hiding place.

A little pathetic, no?

You are in the trash, Cat.

Cats, this is just a game and you took it too far.

This move? Not funny. Not cute. Not safe.

Cat, you are entirely visible through that box.
Cats Who Failed At Hide-And-Seek

Aw, kind of feel bad for you. #TallGirlProblems
Giraffes are not good at hide and seek
Giraffe, you most certainly are at a disadvantage in this game.

But this? This is insulting.
Hide & Seek.

Cow ... This is not how to play.

Is this supposed to be cute?
Hide & seek bear

Even the dog can see you, Ambiguous Rodent.
What she does after the ferret jumps out from under her bowl and scares her

Imaginative in location, abominable in execution.
This is Zoey & she's pretty darn good at playing hide-and-go-seek :P
Try again sometime, Dog. Not today, though.

Madam, you are behind the blinds.
My cat has never been very good at hide and go seek...

Oh, dear.
Never did master hide and seek...

This is so wrong, Cat. You are misinformed.
Playing hide and seek with Orion

My, what a beautiful curtain! So simple in design!

Happy to humor you, Dog. You can be so playful sometimes.

Yes, Dog. This is Dog's trick.

But in this case, the curtain does match the drapes, as they say. Bravo to that.

To be honest, the move's becoming a bit tiresome, Dog.

And it's a bit disturbing that you all enlisted Cat to get in on the joke.


OK, Dog. You nearly had it.