05/16/2014 08:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Little Book Of Big Ideas' Is Smaller Than A Safety Pin, Wiser Than You

What if one book could capture the essence of life and the very ideas that make it worth living? It's a daunting and -- realistically speaking -- very unlikely task. So what if said book was smaller than a safety pin? Now you're talking crazy.


Illustrator Evan Lorenzen embarked upon a very grand endeavor with the littlest of results, crafting a pint-size tome entitled "Little Book of Big Ideas." The reading material is light to the touch, heavy to the mind, containing within it all those hefty concepts that govern our existence, written in very, very tiny letters.

"The first book I made was mainly just goofing around with a new fine-point pen," Lorenzen explained to The Huffington Post, "but it turned out to be a really fun process. I knew I could go smaller, so I made the next blank book, but was having trouble thinking of what to fill it with. Rather than just doing something random again, I thought it might be interesting to have the content reflect the size somehow; thus, the 'Little Book of Big Ideas' was drawn."


Lorenzen, who has also drafted the even smaller "Mini Book of Major Events," says each book takes between two and three hours to create. Although he says that the process of drawing on such a small scale was much more physically demanding than expected, he still thinks he has a smaller book in him yet.

"I really enjoy watching people handle the books," he continued. "At first, they struggle to figure out how to hold it, let alone turn the pages. Once they do get a good grip on it, the book seems to become extremely precious and fragile because it can easily get destroyed with something as simple as a sneeze. For me, it's most rewarding to see people sucked into these miniature worlds while also having to fumble with the idea of being delicate."

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