05/16/2014 06:25 pm ET Updated May 16, 2014

'Hidden Colors' Documentary Series Takes On 'The Rules Of Racism'

One summer documentary is tackling the topic of American racism head on.

"Hidden Colors" -- a documentary series about the cultural history of African Americans, identity and race in America -- recently released the trailer for it's third installment, "The Rules Of Racism." And it looks good. The project features various speakers from scholars to entertainment vets like Nas, KRS-ONE, and Paul Mooney who begs the question: "whites have always done whatever they wanted to black people, so what are the rules?"

The series' director and producer Tariq "Elite" Nasheed -- a New York Times bestselling author, public speaker, and radio host -- is widely known for his social commentary. In the trailer he briefly alludes to a certain motivation in approaching the topic of racism, "there's never been a real dialogue in America about race because every time we talk about race the conversation then turns into 'what's wrong with black people.'"

"Hidden Colors 3: The Rules Of Racism" is set to hit select theaters around the country on June 26th. For information on how to see the series visit the "Hidden Colors" website.



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