05/16/2014 11:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Martial Arts Instructor Brian Kuhn Kicks The Crap Out Of Burglar

A burglar in California got a free lesson in mixed martial arts on Thursday.

That's because he was intruding on the San Jose, California home of Brian Kuhn, a kickboxing and MMA instructor, who'd arrived to pick up his work uniform. Khun told KTVU that he had his 5-year-old daughter in tow when he found the burglar sitting in his dining room.

According to Khun, the suspect stood up and said, "Hey, this guy let me in." He was wielding a pry bar.

That's when things got badass:

Kuhn says he delivered several punches, kneed the burglar, put his head through a window, then dragged him outside in a headlock. Neighbors, hearing a commotion, came outside and called 911.

“He was holding him down, waiting for police,” said neighbor Patricia McHarris. “It was pretty scary.”

Khun doesn't recommend that anyone try to confront a burglar like he did, and he was worried for his daughter's safety. He told the station he is "just sort of relieved that it ended the way that it did, that it didn’t end badly for me or my family."

The burglar was later arrested, but not identified.

That said, we love civilian justice handed down by martial artists. This story reminds us of Priscilla Dang in Washington state, who beat up a knife-wielding groper using the kung-fu moves she'd been practicing since she was 5.

And we'll never forget Shawn Daivari, the pro wrestler who fought and subdued a drunk train passenger -- on video!

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