05/16/2014 02:37 pm ET Updated May 16, 2014

Meet The Lightning-Fast, 300-Pound Rugby Player Known As 'Tongan Thor'

Get a load of this guy.

Size and speed are highly valued in contact sports. But few combine the two like 18-year-old high school rugby player Taniela Tupou. A highlight reel of Tupou running for three scores against much smaller adversaries is attracting a good deal of attention on the Web. Tupou, who plays for Sacred Heart in Auckland, New Zealand, reportedly made those three scores within 20 minutes against Kelston Boys.

The kid is a runaway train of "pure, freakish athletic ability," Elite Daily writes.

Several professional rugby teams have reportedly taken notice.

Tupou weighs 135 kilos (297.6 pounds) and is called the Tongan Thor by some media.

Thor, huh? Looks like he might take the rugby world by storm.