05/19/2014 09:21 am ET Updated May 19, 2014

How To Buy Grown-Up Art Without Going Broke (Or Setting Foot In A Gallery)

framed and matted

Like many decisions in life, buying art is easier when you're young. After all, no one is seriously going to judge you for that "Keep Calm And Carry On" poster you've got adorning your walls when you're barely able to make rent. But once you become a home owner (or tenant) of a certain age, you start to care a little more about what's in your place (and on your walls).

In a recent survey commissioned by online art dealer UGallery, 70 percent of people have never bought artwork -- ever. And 20 percent found it to be the most intimidating shopping experience of all -- more so than shopping for real estate or an expensive car. But while real-deal art collecting does require a certain degree of savvy, simply adorning your walls doesn't. Here are 5 low-stress ways to do it, without setting foot in a gallery... or going broke.

How To Buy Art