05/19/2014 08:11 am ET Updated Aug 05, 2015

What Cats Can Teach Us About The Art Of Living Well

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By Rob White

Watching my neighbor's cat, Midge, has taught me much about the art of total living. Midge engages in daily rituals that stop her mind from over-functioning. She creates silent gaps so that she may throw out the craziness that piled up from yesterday. Now, she is free to sharpen her awareness of life around her so that she might enjoy each moment fully.

I consider Midge an everyday, ordinary guru who is passing my way to offer me tips on how to engage in the fine art of living well. Here are five lessons Midge has taught me -- lessons that help me experience a sense of totalness and well-being in all of my daily affairs.

What Cats Can Teach Us About The Art Of Living Well

Rob White is a storyteller, philosopher and the International Bestselling author of And Then I Met Margaret. Rob founded The Ordinary Guru Project, which is awarding $9,000 in cash prizes to encourage others to share their own ordinary guru tales. Visit RobWhiteMedia.com and OrdinaryGurus.com for more information and inspiration.

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