05/20/2014 10:41 am ET Updated May 20, 2014

Yeah, B--ch! Aaron Paul Is Ready To Return For 'Better Call Saul'

Eamonn McCormack via Getty Images

It hasn't even been a full year since "Breaking Bad" ended and we're already missing the lovable, foul-mouthed, meth-dealing Jesse Pinkman. His signature slogan hasn't graced our ears in a while (unless, like us, you have your iPhone programmed to say "Yeah, bitch" every time someone sends you a text message).

But we're bringing good news for all "Breaking Bad" fans. Aaron Paul attended the BAFTA Television Awards Monday night and teased that he might be returning to the "BB" universe in the highly anticipated spin-off "Better Call Saul."

The actor said he'd be more than happy to play Jesse Pinkman again if the show wants him.

"[I'll be in it] if they'll have me," Paul said. "It's a prequel, so it'd be nice to play Jesse Pinkman again in his happier times."

"Better Call Saul" follows Saul Goodman, the crooked lawyer introduced in Season 2 of "Breaking Bad," but Paul warns that the prequel will not be a recast of its hit predecessor. "I went into the writer's room a few weeks back and just hung out with everybody there," Paul told EntertainmentWise. "I took a peek on the boards on the wall to kind of get a glimpse of what the whole story is about. It's not going to be another 'Breaking Bad.'"

Still, anyway we can get our hands on more from the team that gave us Heisenberg, we'll take it. And Paul certainly agrees.

"I know I'm biased," the actor said, "but I truly believe it's one of the greatest television shows that's ever been made."

We'll second that with an appropriately timed "Yeah, bitch."



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