05/20/2014 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fishing Trophy Looks Like A Penis And Nothing Else (NSFW)

Samantha Dragoo (aka Reddit user Sdldrg) headlined the Imgur photo below thusly: "So, my son won this fishing trophy..."

Nothing more really needs to be said because, yes, it looks like a penis. But because it looks like a penis, of course we'll say stuff anyway. What's the Internet for?

WARNING: Image below is NSFW.

"My son OBVIOUSLY has no idea of Reddit, that his trophy looks phallic from some angles ... but he sure is proud of that trophy and of going fishing!" Dragoo wrote to The Huffington Post.

Five-year-old Jasper won the trophy on Mother's Day weekend. According to comments on Dragoo's Reddit thread, the little guy is "SO proud of it, he's been carrying it around. ... [A]nd he put it on the table in the hall before leaving for school this morning," Dragoo wrote. "I kept walking past it and it just looked BAD. From a different angle, it's fine, but from the angle it was set at it looks hilarious."

Anyway, congrats to the kid for catching a perch. "He's beyond excited he caught a fish and has something to show for it," Dragoo wrote. And congrats to the Web, as well, for never running out of phallic joke material. That makes us all winners, doesn't it?

This article has been updated to include comments from Samantha Dragoo.