05/20/2014 09:58 am ET

Yes, Guys, Women Worry About The Size Of Their Parts As Much As Men

Hadel Productions via Getty Images

Do you or someone you know have a long vagina? You wouldn't be alone if you have absolutely no idea.

Last night, as I was watching Patrick Moote's "Unhung Hero," a documentary examining the importance of penis size, I was astonished at the lengths (heh) one man would go to in order to find peace with his package. Moote spent the entire 80-minute documentary globe-trotting from doctor's office to porn shop, neurotically cross-examining sexologists, adult film performers, anthropologists, and urologists about, what he considered, his lack. Moote's preoccupation with his endowment — studies say the average length of a penis varies anywhere between four and six inches — seemed to be attached to his idea of masculinity, romantic value, and power. “Guys don’t want to talk about this,” Moote told Nerve. “When a woman’s breasts are small, everyone sees it, so they have to become okay with it. But with guys, penis size is our dirty little secret.”

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