Brooklyn Teen, Angela Content, Has Published Two Books Before Graduating Eighth Grade

Writing a book is no small feat at any age. But one Brooklyn teen has completely exceeded the expectations of any author, despite her age.

Angela Content has published two books, has two more books in the works and hasn't even graduated from middle school. CBS New York reports that the ambitious 13-year-old wrote both her sci-fi book "Awake and Alive" and romance novel "Shattered" by hand and got them published using, a self-publishing site.

Angela's mother, Marie Content spoke to CBS New York's Cindy Hsu about how she restricts the amount of time her daughter spends on the computer and watching TV and how that has paid off.

“I wish all the parents can do the same — keep the electronic stuff away from the kids and talk to them more; hear what they have to say."

Although, the teen admits that writing was difficult, she encourages other young people to confront challenges as she did.

“Continue to follow your dreams. You’re going to feel great once you actually accomplish what you set your mind to.”

Content has set her mind on pursuing a career in writing but is also determined to be a financial planner -- as a backup. No matter what she chooses, the teen is sure to excel at either -- she has already deposited the few hundred dollars she's earned from book sales into a college fund.

While Content isn't the only published young person in the world, she is an inspiring one. We've haven't been this impressed since Grace Bush graduated from high school and college in the same week. It's needless to say we're adding her to our list of incredible young people.

You can find Content's books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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