05/21/2014 06:44 am ET Updated May 21, 2014

Dr. Ruth's Wonderfully NSFW Twitter Has The Answers To All Life's Problems


If you're not following legendary sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer on Twitter, you are robbing yourself of some serious joy.

The German-born 85-year-old offers smart perspective for hard times, as she knows them well. Polar vortex got you down? Have sex. Favorite TV show got cancelled? More time for sex! Not attracted to Abraham Lincoln? That's OK (and you're not alone).

Dr. Ruth is a realist. Sure, life is full of highs and plenty of lows. But often the only remedy you need is healthy sex, along with a lighthearted attitude, to reel you back up from rock bottom. For virtually any problem that's got you down, @AskDrRuth has you covered.

When you are feeling particularly devastated about 2014's lime shortage:

When you're experiencing self-consciousness about your "bikini body:"

When you spiral into that dark, fearful place wondering what it will be like to get older:

(You've got nothing to worry about.)

When ibuprofen isn't helping:

When you've become attached to your phone and also feel bloated:

When you're concerned about your son's well-being:

When you couldn't find a bright side to the Polar Vortex:

Dr. Ruth will keep you in check:

Seriously, weather will probably never get in the way again:

When you feel out of place because you're not sexually attracted to one of the most famous U.S. presidents:

When for a split second you let yourself be concerned about the damn thigh gap:

When you're conflicted about the NSA and your love for gaming:

When you're debating whether or not to shave down there:

When you're getting a little too distracted by late-night TV:

When you need a push to ask for that raise:

When rent is due and you're feeling blue:

When you're having trouble sleeping:

When you think you're the only one who gets a little horny in the middle of the week:

When you're wondering just how one goes about twerking:

When you beat yourself up about oversleeping:

When you're unimpressed by the Chinese calendar:

When you're contemplating the effects of Daylight Saving Time:

When you think there's nothing that could pull you out of that rut:



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