05/21/2014 03:58 am ET

Idaho Primary Results: Butch Otter Wins Gubernatorial Primary


Butch Otter is once again the GOP nominee for Idaho governor, the Associated Press reports.

Otter, who has served as governor since 2007, bested a field of three Republican challengers: Harley Brown, Walt Bayes and state Sen. Russ Fulcher.

A race that may have otherwise escaped the national spotlight drew attention when the GOP candidates gathered for a debate last week. Brown and Bayes, two fringe candidates, stole the show -- and helped draw attention away from Fulcher, Otter's main opponent.

Below, earlier details from the Associated Press:

Brown and Bayes, perennial candidates who receive little support, had the opportunity to steal the show thanks to Otter. The governor told Idaho Public Television officials that unless they were allowed to debate, he wouldn't participate either.

Fulcher supporters said the move was a stunt intended to avoid tough questions. Fulcher issued a statement Thursday evening, saying Idaho residents deserve better and that Otter set the state up for ridicule.

Bayes spent time criticizing the federal government as "a bunch of Eastern idiots" and boasting about killing a wolf that was classified as an Endangered Species at the time. He also promised to prohibit abortion, saying "if the Supreme Court goes to hell, I'm not following them."

For his part, Brown introduced himself by saying that at the low point of his life he was called by God to be commander in chief, following the statement with "don't think I'm crazy, because I'm not."



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