05/21/2014 05:15 pm ET Updated May 21, 2014

Mattel Wants Everyone To Chill Out About Barbie And Just Let Kids Play

A new Mattel initiative wants us to lighten up on Barbie.

The toymaker launched "The Barbie Project," in which kids supposedly are left to play with their Barbies, free from adult judgment and interference. And it's all captured on film.

"Don't tell kids how to play with Barbies," a launch video for the project tells viewers. "Let them show us."

The clip attempts to illustrate that kids left to their own devices let their imaginations soar and don't really think about Barbie's unrealistic dimensions the way some grownups do.

Could it be that the debate over Barbie's proportions has grown way out of ... proportion?

In one sense, the Barbie Project seems to remind that Barbie's just a toy. Yet she's important enough to warrant a PR drive to get her back in detractors' good graces.

"It's amazing that one doll can spark so much conversation," the project's intro reads. Yeah, but the old girl turned 55 this year, so she can probably handle it.

(Hat tip, AdWeek)