05/21/2014 12:26 pm ET Updated May 21, 2014

Rand Paul Invokes Stephen Colbert In Filibuster Rant

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor Wednesday to discuss his opposition to President Barack Obama's nomination of David Barron to the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston.

Obama's nomination of Barron has been criticized, as the judge once wrote a drone memo calling targeting Americans in counterterrorism operations constitutional.

Paul's speech quickly spiraled in other directions though, as he drew upon some Stephen Colbert comments to rail against Obama's executions of suspected terrorists without due process of law.

"On multiple occasions, [the judges] have justified and the memo argues that due process can be decided by internal deliberations of the executive branch," Paul argued.

"The comedian Stephen Colbert mocked this and wrote, or presented, 'Trial by jury, trial by rock, paper, scissors, who cares? Due process just means there's a process, right?'" Paul added.

Watch a clip above.



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