05/21/2014 11:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Murder Trial Halted Due To Couple Having Sex

Jutta Klee via Getty Images

Staffers at an Italian courthouse decided to take advantage of a slow period in the judicial schedule and have sex in a room obscured by fogged glass.

The couple thought they could not be seen, but a judge presiding over a murder trial in the adjacent room proved them wrong.

The Mirror reports that the judge, Anna Ivaldi, ordered a prosecutor to stop speaking when she heard peculiar noises and "saw the outline of two naked bodies" fornicating behind the darkened glass.

Proceedings were temporarily halted while the disturbance was investigated by a court official. The embarrassed couple, who are reportedly married employees at the Genoa court, may face disciplinary measures, according to the Telegraph.

They were caught in flagrante delicto on April 28, the newspaper reports:

The Italian court system is unusually quiet at that time of year because many magistrates and officials take advantage of a series of public holidays to take off a week or more.

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