05/22/2014 08:28 am ET Updated May 22, 2014

Ed Schultz Ending Radio Show, Moving Online

Ed Schultz's radio show will be online-only beginning Tuesday, May 27.

The host announced changes to the format and time of his show on MSNBC Wednesday. Schultz will now do a one-hour show that streams from noon to 1 p.m. on

“This change will give me more flexibility to be on the road, to do the kind of shows I want to do here for 'The Ed Show' here on MSNBC,” Schultz said. “And I hope all of you will follow me to my website at”

He said he didn't want to do his three-hour show anymore, adding that "a lot of it has to do with the tread on the tire and stuff like that, the fish are really biting. The platform and the consumption of consumers now and their time is so different, and I think my time is changing as well."

After making the announcement, Schultz also tweeted: