05/23/2014 07:00 am ET

8 Foods That Never Belonged To Hipsters In The First Place

On the long list of things that hipsters have commandeered and claimed their own -- typewriters, fedoras, records and mustaches -- certain foods really get under our skin. From kale to kombucha, there are a ton of foods that we identify with hipsters. It's not just because hipsters eat this food; it's because they build their identities around eating it.

The truth of the matter is, however, that many of these poor foods don't deserve the hipster label -- they don't belong to hipsters any more than typewriters do. They've been around long before hipsters graced the planet and started opening vegan cheese shops, and they'll likely long outlive them too.

We're guilty of calling these items "hipster foods" ourselves -- they've become undeniably linked with the hipster ennui and we know it as well as you do. Just because these foods are labeled as such, however, doesn't mean hipsters should lay claim to them. Hipsters don't own tacos, and they don't own pickles either. (We might let them have fancy doughnuts and PBR though.)

Here are eight of the worst offenders. What foods do you think hipsters have unfairly claimed their own?

Foods That Hipsters Don't Own

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