This Little Piggy Will Steal Your Heart In 3, 2, 1..

Call off your search, because we may have just found the cutest little guy on Instagram. EVER.

Meet Jamon -- he's a self-described "charming mini pig living the dream in São Paulo, Brazil."

And living the dream is he ever ...

Jamon's profile is NOT one to be ignored -- after taking a peek at just a few of his photos, you'll most certainly fall in love. And who knows? Maybe you can take a cue on how to live the good life from the handsome pig himself.

Here he is flexing those aviators ...

And flaunting his new soccer jersey for the World Cup.

Jamon and "baby brother" enjoy a nice snooze together.

He gives us Hawaiian realness with this tropical ensemble -- straight studly.

Rocking that hoodie.

Jamon went all in on Cinco de Mayo and celebrated in style.

"May the oink be with you."

But first, let him take a selfie.

Jamon channeling Bugs Bunny on Easter.


Here he is having a sun and iPad session, as one does.

Dressed up in one of his many carnival costumes.

And finally, a delightful throwback Thursday of the first time he ever tried a watermelon.

We're dying, we're dying, and we're dead. TOO. MUCH. CUTE.

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