05/26/2014 09:07 am ET Updated May 27, 2014

29 Movies On Netflix With America(n) In The Title


Memorial Day is a time to remember the sacrifices of America's armed services, barbecue with family and friends, and also watch patriotic movies. But what if you're just looking for a film that shares its name with the United States? Fortunately, Netflix has you covered. Ahead, 29 movies on Watch Instantly with America (or American) in the title.

1. "American Wedding"

Netflix Description: "With high school a distant memory, sweethearts Jim and Michelle are getting married, prompting Stifler to throw the ultimate bachelor party."

2. "Battlefield America"

Netflix Description: "An arrogant businessman gets involved with a group of aspiring dancers and, in order to impress their mentor, hires a coach to train them."

3. "Coming to America"

Netflix Description: "Discontented with his pampered life, an African prince heads to America as a working-class man to find someone who will fall for him, not his riches."

4. "God Bless America"

Netflix Description: "Disgusted with American society, middle-aged Frank and teenage Roxy begin killing reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant."

5. "America the Beautiful"

Netflix Description: "Filmmaker Darryl Roberts examines the unrealistic standards of beauty dictated to the U.S. public by the media, pop culture and the fashion industry."

6. "America the Beautiful 2"

Netflix Description: "Documentary provocateur Darryl Roberts examines how the national obsession with image has affected our ideas of what constitutes a healthy weight."

7. "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America"

Netflix Description: "After realizing that their boob tube is gone, Beavis and Butt-head set off on an expedition that takes them from Las Vegas to the nation's capital."

8. "The Atomic States of America"

Netflix Description: "This documentary journeys through nuclear reactor communities to expose the truths and myths concerning the risks and benefits of the energy source."

9. "America's Sweethearts"

Netflix Description: "In this slick satire, a separated, bickering movie-star couple make nice for the cameras during a press junket promoting their final film together."

10. "CSA: Confederate States of America"

Netflix Description: "Set in the fictitious, modern-day Confederate States of America, this satire imagines what it would be like if the South had won the Civil War."

11. "Charles Bradley: Soul of America"

Netflix Description: "Chart the incredible late-in-life rise of 62-year-old soul singer Charles Bradley, whose 2011 debut album rocketed to Rolling Stone magazine's top 50."

12. "American: The Bill Hicks Story"

Netflix Description: "This documentary profiles comedian Bill Hicks, blending live footage, interviews and animation to illustrate a life tragically cut short by cancer."

13. "American Psycho"

Netflix Description: "With chiseled good looks that belie his insanity, a businessman takes pathological pride in yuppie pursuits and indulges in sudden homicidal urges."

14. "American Me"

Netflix Description: "Three friends born in poverty create their own capitalist dream as powerful gang members. Time in prison makes one of them consider a fresh beginning."

15. "American Mary"

Netflix Description: "A medical student who's piling up debt jumps at the chance when she's offered a lucrative opportunity to perform extreme body-modification surgeries."

16. "American Brawler"

Netflix Description: "Already grappling with his own problems, a martial arts teacher faces another crisis when his ne'er-do-well brother runs afoul of a gangster."

17. "American Son"

Netflix Description: "While at home for Thanksgiving, a 19-year-old Marine begins a romance, clashes with family and confronts his fears about his deployment to Iraq."

18. "The American"

Netflix Description: "Dispatched to a small Italian town to await further orders, assassin Jack embarks on a double life that may be more relaxing than is good for him."

19. "American Milkshake"

Netflix Description: "White boy Jolie longs to make his high school basketball team so that he can get in with the "in" crowd -- the black kids from the projects."

20. "American Addict"

Netflix Description: "The United States' alarming appetite for prescription drugs is the focus of this sober documentary, which aims to illuminate a national health crisis."

21. "American Warships"

Netflix Description: "Not to be confused with the blockbuster Battleship, the 'USS Iowa' fends off an army of invading aliens in this low-budget sci-fi thriller."

22. "American Streetballers"

Netflix Description: "In this gritty tale, a troubled basketball player forges an unlikely friendship with a fellow baller through pickup games on the streets of St. Louis."

23. "American Dreamz"

Netflix Description: "To get a reclusive president back in the limelight, his chief of staff books him as a guest judge on the hit talent show 'American Dreamz.'"

24. "An American Summer"

Netflix Description: "A 14-year-old whose parents have just divorced is sent to Los Angeles to live with his aunt, an aging hippie still stuck in a bygone era."

25. "American Flyer"

Netflix Description: "After failed attempts to cross the border at Tijuana, a young man constructs a flying machine out of a wheelbarrow to try to fly into California."

26. "American Gun"

Netflix Description: "After the fatal shooting of his daughter, Martin Tillman copes with his grief by setting out to find the owner of the gun involved in the murder."

27. "American Harmony"

Netflix Description: "This fascinating documentary focuses on four contenders competing to win the title in the International Championships of Barbershop Singing."

28. "American Wake"

Netflix Description: "A firefighter and a talented young fiddler both struggle with the gap between family expectations and their own self-discovery."

29. "American Animal"

Netflix Description: "Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Jimmy does whatever he must to forget his affliction. But when his buddy lands a job, a battle of wills ensues."



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