05/27/2014 08:30 am ET Updated May 28, 2014

Tuesday's Morning Email: Chilling Details About California Killer

Today kicks off the first day of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Can you spell S-E-S-Q-U-I-P-E-D-A-L-I-A-N? This is THE MORNING EMAIL for Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

The Scuttlebutt TOP STORIES

“Elliot Rodger, 22, stabbed to death three people in his apartment, shot two women to death outside a sorority house and killed another man inside a deli with gunfire before killing himself near the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, on Friday, investigators said.” This Washington Post graphic traces the killer’s deadly path. Excerpts from his disturbing manifesto suggest he was a very troubled man. Rodgers’ family alerted authorities to Rodger’s erratic behavior in April, but he managed to convince them he was not a threat. The killings have set off a renewed firestorm over gun control and the treatment of women. And here’s why it’s hard to predict the deadly intentions of mass murderers. [CNN]

“Forty people have been killed in the past day of fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian rebels in the eastern city of Donetsk, the mayor said on Tuesday, while a rebel put his side's losses at at least 29.” The violence happened the day after President-elect Petro O. Poroshenko promised to restore order. [Reuters]

“Nigeria's military has located nearly 300 school girls abducted by Islamic extremists but fears using force to try to free them could get them killed, the country's chief of defense said Monday.” This is what it’s like to live where the girls were abducted. [AP]

STATESIDE: Crime Fighting, Sky High
Those with “antiquated” water rights in California have unregulated access to reserve water during drought season. Brain implants could be the next big thing. It’s always good when the White House blows its own agent’s cover. And you can call retrofitted Cessnas the new Batmobiles: the tricked out surveillance planes are now capable of detecting crime at 10,000-plus feet up.

In the parents actually filmed this news, this dog taught a baby how to get through the doggie door.

INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE: European Populists Make Headway
Europe is shocked by a string of populist victories. Watch Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe discuss his plans for the country. The U.S. military is training Africans to form their own “elite counterterrorism units.” Data from Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was finally released to the public. And Pope Francis says he will meet with sex abuse victims.

In move over news, this seal is determined to steal this man’s park bench seat.

BUY! SELL! BUY! Bathroom Etiquette 101
Meet the original Gerber baby. iPhones are being hacked through the “Find My iPhone” app. A study commissioned by the American Beverage Association says diet soda helps you lose weight, which is about the equivalent of the sugar industry assuring you Ho Hos make you healthier. And here’s everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask about workplace bathroom etiquette.

In best friends for life news, this goat refused to eat until he was reunited with his donkey buddy. Their reunion is a tearjerker.

This MLB prospect’s dad caught his son's first home run. Gisele and Neymar posed in another supermodel World Cup Vogue cover combo. This blind high school football player just got offered a spot on one of the nation’s top teams. And there’s nothing like watching the last out of a no-hitter. Congrats, Josh Beckett. [Image via Lockerdome]

In smart birds news, these swallows figured out how to work these automatic doors.

CULTURE CATCH-UP: Disney Channel Logo Switcheroo
Disney Channel changed their logo. You need to read Matt Zoller Seitz’s “Mad Men” season finale recap. Love documentaries? Here are twelve to watch this week. Fleetwood Mac is making new music for the first time in 40 years, and we’re not afraid that they’ve changed. And watching Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen recap “Game of Thrones” is pretty much everything we could have ever hoped for and more.

In friends of a different feather news, watch a wolf and ferret play around.

LIVIN’: Free Money in San Fran
This is how you motivate yourself into having a more productive workout. Somebody’s leaving money around San Francisco. Don’t let your dog get to these twelve killer foods. Here’s why you should worry about your partner’s self-control. These yogurts have more sugar than a TWINKIE. And here are eight ways to save more time.

In game of air news, this cat cannot get enough of this vent.

In all things Kimye-wedding related, take a look at photos of Kim’s beautiful wedding dress, check out the guest list, find out who Kanye called “the most remarkable people of our time,” and see all the absurd celebrity instas of the evening. Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb have called it quits. “All of My Children” star Matthew Cowles was found dead at 69. And Emma Watson still manages to look cool in a cap and gown at Brown University’s graduation.

In cats on capnip news, this stuff looks like the feline equivalent of speed.


@BromanConsul: the devil has a tape recorder containing the sounds you made when you sang aloud with a group but didn't actually know the words

@arunpudur: This is a ONE minute old baby elephant!

@samantharonson: Twitter today- ME ME ME ME ME memorial day tweet ME ME ME ME ME ME

@petesouza: Slide show of the President's trip to Afghanistan:

@HistoricalPics: A soldier's wife hoists her son up to a train window for one last good-bye hug from his dad. 1940s.

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