05/28/2014 12:22 pm ET Updated May 28, 2014

Veteran's Sister 'Absolutely' Blames VA For His Death

Connie Olberg, the sister of a veteran, discussed the health care her brother received through the Veterans Affairs system Tuesday on HuffPost Live, saying she "absolutely" blames the VA for his death.

Olberg explained that when her brother was diagnosed with melanoma, the VA referral process never happened.

"He was actually diagnosed by a doctor from the University of Washington medical center, who also partners with the VA, and that system is actually quite good, but where the system fell apart was in the referral system," Olberg recounted.

She said an administrative person at the VA had her brother's referral, but it "sat on her desk for month after month." Olberg said each time her brother had communication with the VA administrator "he feared that she wasn't going to process the referral."

"He felt very uncomfortable with his conversations with her, and that's exactly what happened. She did not process his referral," Olberg said.

Olberg's brother did not receive treatment for another four months, at which time he finally circumvented the VA process and reached out to the appropriate doctor himself.

When asked if she blames the VA, Olberg said "absolutely."

Watch a clip of Olberg's interview above.



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