05/29/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Teen Allegedly Beaten Over Snarky Texts Requires Brain Surgery For Injuries

A North Carolina teen was severely beaten by her boyfriend after she sent snarky texts about his inability to untangle a fishing line, a witness said.

Hannah Connaway, 17, was hospitalized with serious internal injuries to her head and neck on Friday after her boyfriend, 18-year-old Michael Hutton, allegedly attacked her. Hutton's parents were out of town when he allegedly went out of control at their home in Wilmington.

"He was angry because he couldn't untangle fishing lines," Connaway's friend, Claudene Williams, told WECT. "He was blaming her [Hannah] for some things like having snarky remarks to things he was saying, and then it just escalated and kept on going."

"She's bleeding and on the ground. She can't walk," a caller told a 911 operator late Friday night, according to WWAY. "It's her boyfriend, and he's threatening and screaming at us to get back in the car, so I just need someone to be there."

It is unclear if Williams is the caller, but she later told WECT that Hutton beat and choked Connaway and dragged her across the front yard, where responders found her.

Hutton was arrested Saturday and initially faced assault charges. On Tuesday, the charges were amended to include attempted murder, according to WWAY.

Connaway was in critical condition, but has begun to improve. Connaway's Grandfather, Jerry Strickland, told WECT that the teen needed brain surgery after the assault.

"She seems a bit confused but is flashing us bright smiles. The left side of her body is still not moving like the doctors would like, but it will get there hopefully," Williams told the station.

If convicted, Hutton may face life in prison without parole. Hutton's attorney said that his client has no prior history of violence, but has a history of seizures. He said that alcohol combined with his medical history may have triggered the alleged assault.

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