05/29/2014 02:44 pm ET Updated May 29, 2014

Justin Timberlake Helps Fan Propose, But It's Not What You Think

Two lovebirds knew full well how much Justin Timberlake loves helping his fans propose -- and they took advantage of that Wednesday night.

While chatting with the crowd during his concert in Tel Aviv, Timberlake spotted a sign in the front row that read, "He'll propose to me if you take a selfie with us." Being the awesome guy that he is, JT jumped off the stage -- the crowd went wild -- and took a selfie with the happy couple.

It paid off. The man pulled out a ring and popped the question as promised. A grinning Justin shouted to the crowd, "They're getting married! I wish you all the blessings in the world. You never know what can happen!" The video made its way to YouTube, naturally.

But it turns out, it was all fake.

Eliran and Ilana Elgozi, the couple in question, are actually already two-months married, reports According to the article, Eliran took to Facebook following the concert to explain what really happened, saying that his wedding did not go as planned and when his wife bought the tickets to Timberlake's concert, he vowed to make it up to her. So he concocted a plan.

“Luckily Justin is an amazing guy… and helped me do it the right way this time,” Eliran wrote on Facebook. “It was even more than I could have imagined.”

Here's the selfie with Justin Timberlake he posted on Facebook:

What people do in the name of love.

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