05/29/2014 03:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Sequel To 'Dots' Will Have You Addicted In No Time


“TwoDots” is here!

The sequel to "Dots," the popular puzzle game app, is now available for free at the Apple App Store. (Don't worry, Android users, game developer Betaworks says an Android version is coming later this year.)

The concept of "Dots" -- one of the biggest mobile games of 2013 -- is simple: Connect two or more of the same color dots at right angles. If you create a square, every dot of that color disappears.

But "TwoDots" offers a different spin on the game people have grown to love.

Unlike the previous game, which had users playing the same board again and again, trying to beat their best score, “TwoDots” offers players 85 unique levels with distinct puzzles. (For example, in the photo below, the player is given 15 moves to connect 20 dots of each color.) Players have five lives to complete the puzzles, but these lives regenerate every 20 minutes.


The game is unique in that it appears to have a fun story arc as well.

“Join two brave dots as they traverse arctic tundras, navigate fiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths. Sharpen your skills across 85 challenging levels while uncovering many exciting new features along the way,” the description on the App Store states.


The duo’s path is laid out in full as soon as users download the game. It leads up to the 85th level, where the game promises the adventure will continue. We're guessing that leaves the door open for future puzzle levels.

Here's what one of the "Dots" creators had to say about the sequel.

“The TwoDots gameplay looks much more derivative of Dots than it actually is,” Patrick Moberg told Time. “As you dig deeper, you realize TwoDots simply tips their hat to our first game Dots, but quickly takes the player down a very different and fun path.”


Will you be trying it out?