05/30/2014 01:06 pm ET Updated May 30, 2014

A Brief History Of The 'LA Clippies' Joke

Stephen Brashear via Getty Images

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has agreed to buy the Los Angeles Clippers for a whopping $2 billion, and everyone is making the exact same joke.

You see, the inventor of the Microsoft Office paperclip assistant Clippy wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers. Get it? This woman does:

And so does this guy:

SiriusXM certainly gets it:

And Pete won't let a good Clippy joke get by him:

LOL, good one Gary.

ROFL, Jacob.

Even our lovable boss, Emily, got in on the joke.

But then, people started to notice that there were a lot of Clippy jokes out there...

...and the Clippy jokes got snippy.

Suddenly, people were calling for Twitter reform.

Threats ensued.

The government decided to intervene.

And we all realized we'd been laughing at this joke for too long.

Far too long.

We wanted to believe it was over, but it was not.

Please Twitter, we beg of you: Let it go.