05/30/2014 08:37 am ET Updated May 30, 2014

The Aloha Project Reveals Just How Beautifully Simple Life On An Island Can Be (VIDEO)

Most of us can only imagine what life on an island feels like. Ryan Moss, a lover of nature, photographer and filmmaker, knows. And he wants to share that feeling with the world.

Inspired to make a video that pays homage to the people he met in Hawaii who are committed to an outdoor lifestyle and preserving the land, Moss gathered footage he filmed over the years while following local surfers, conservationists, divers, hikers and climbers that, he believes, embodies the aloha spirit. Thus, The Aloha Project was born.

"They are the real heroes of this video," Moss told HuffPost. While it may not be immediately obvious in the film, the people featured "consciously try to leave the least amount of impact on the environment as possible. They do their best to preserve it for future generations to enjoy as well."

Yes, even in a world as naturally beautiful as Hawaii, it takes a conscious effort to keep it healthy and protected. Below, four and a half minutes of that pure, natural island bliss:



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