05/31/2014 08:00 am ET

These Beautiful Then & Now Photos Of Liverpool Will Delight The History Nerd In You

There's a lot of history in Liverpool and photographer Keith Jones wants to share it.

He started the project, entitled "Liverpool, Then & Now", when he found a bunch of old postcards and photographs of the city dated from the 1870s to 1980s. He wanted to find the exact spot 100 or so years later to show how little -- and how much -- had changed over the last century.

Since he started, he's created over 3,000 images, some a straight comparison of then and now and others that blend the spot into one crazy cool photo.

So why Liverpool? He wrote in an email to The Huffington Post:

I love the history of Liverpool and I can think of no other city that has quite such a range of classical and modern buildings, nor such a mixed history of grand expansion, widespread destruction, thriving industry, social change, economic decline then regeneration, so to me it is a fascinating place to photograph.

The result is pretty awesome.

  • Lime Street Station, 1890 & 2013
  • Walker Art Gallery, 1890s & 2014
  • Wellingtons Column 1907 & 2014
  • RMS Lusitania, Waterloo, 1908 & 2013
  • St George's Plateau, 1910s & 2014
  • The Strand, 1913 & 2013
  • St George's Plateau, 1919 & 2013
  • Duke Street, 1930s & 2013
  • Whitechapel, 1939 & 2014
  • Mathew Street, 1960s & 2013

For more pics, check out his Facebook page.