05/31/2014 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

18 Things That Remind Us All The Best Stuff In Life Is Free

Love don't cost a thing. And neither do all the other truly important things that matter most in life. Such as:

Having good people in life who will lend you a hand.

Throwing your own dance party.

A compliment. From anyone. Anyone will do.

A high-five.

Being a good person and doing something nice...

... and the good feeling it gives you afterwards.

A child's smile..and their many other funny faces.

Playing in the rain.


Human touch, darnit.

Taking time out to play.

Pillow fights.

Hugging it out.

A friendly wave.

Enjoying nature in all its awesome glory.

Making new friends.

Knowing loved ones got your back.

And maybe the best free thing life has to offer -- a smooch from someone you love! (Bonus if it's Uncle Jesse)

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