06/01/2014 11:01 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

Hollywood 'Prankster' Vitalii Sediuk Sentenced After Attacking Brad Pitt

So-called 'prankster' Vitalii Sediuk has been fined $200 and sentenced to 20 days of community labor after allegedly attacking Brad Pitt at the "Maleficent" premiere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sediuk also faces 36 months probation and must stay "500 yards away from all award shows, entertainment events and red carpets."

How Sediuk even got into the "Maleficent" premiere is another question entirely, since he was fired from his job at a Ukranian TV station after he crawled under America Ferrara's dress at Cannes (and would presumably no longer have press credentials).

Sediuk's lawyer Anthony Willoughby told THR that client was actually trying to hug Pitt around the waist, not trying to hit him.

"He told me he wasn't planning on pulling a prank [at the premiere], but then he 'saw Brad Pitt and decided to make Angelina Jolie jealous,'" Willoughby said.

As Gawker has noted, this is the same person who also gave "crotch hugs" to Leonardo DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper, attempted to kiss Will Smith, ran on stage with J.Lo and Adele at the Grammys, and -- perhaps worst of all -- copied Björk's swan dress.



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