06/02/2014 12:25 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2014

12 Ways To Style The Denim Staple That's Probably Already In Your Closet

Just because it's basically summer, doesn't mean we have to stop layering our clothes.

That's why pieces like denim vests exist, for the sole purpose of giving our outfits some dimension. Whether you're going for a clean look with whites and a lighter wash, or fulfilling your inner rock star with ripped jeans and a vintage tee, there are many ways to integrate a jean vest into your wardrobe.

Need inspiration? Here are 12 ways to wear this summer staple.

  • 1 Add a patterned denim vest to your lineup. / indieelectalt
    Like this striped number.
  • 2 Different washes can amp up an electric palette. / classicrawbeauty
    But keep the undershirt simple, as it will balance out any other colors/patterns you add to the mix.
  • 3 Pair denim with your favorite print. / mojomade
    If you're sick of wearing your cutoffs with your worn-out graphic shirt, put a vest over it instead.
  • 4 Jean vests can be minimal too. / blairb
    Black, white and denim is one of the best combinations... ever.
  • 5 Go for a different cut. / furbananas
    Try a bigger lapel to change things up.
  • 6 Break up a maxi skirt or dress. / barrilla
    Long and short work together like PB & J.
  • 7 Everything pretty much goes with a LBD. / crystalwood
    Little black dresses and vests, FTW!
  • 8 Give romantic colors and textures more edge. / hattitude
    Sure, you love a breezy, peach dress for the summer -- but why not dress it down for a casual day out.
  • 9 Streamline wordy shirts with a vest silhouette. / mitchgt
    Armbands are cool too.
  • 10 If it's boring, add some embellishments. / msvintagevirgin
    It will be like your Girl Scouts sash and badges, but better.
  • 11 Keep it simple -- as your only top. / tornegren
    Shirts aren't required in the summertime, so replace them with a light, chambray gem.
  • 12 Show off your arm candy. / petrakarlsson
    Arm cuffs, bracelets, tats... this is your chance to break out the biceps for maximum accessorized pleasure.

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