06/02/2014 06:11 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

Salsa Kids Are Back With More Impressive Footwork On Ellen

The pint-size salsa sensations are back.

Kevin Téllez, 8, and Beberly Devers, 6, amazed millions after a video of their salsa routine for the Latino Del Mundo Israeli Salsa Congress went viral in April. After crushing the competition -- and their routine -- in Eilat, Israel, the World Champs went on The Ellen Show to talk about their next steps and impress the host with more fancy footwork.

On Friday, the duo visited Ellen and were asked a little more about when they began dancing. To everyone’s surprise Beberly said she started dancing when she was just 11 months, but before Kevin answered he wanted to make sure to say something else to the host.

“First, I want to thank you Ellen for bringing us to your show because it was really awesome here, and I’ve been dancing since I was five,” Téllez said as the audience cooed.

The champions are both from New Jersey and have been dancing together for six months. Not to mention they have more in common than just their love for salsa -- important things, like size.

“And why is he a dance good dance partner?,” Ellen asked Beberly.

“Because he’s small like me and he’s nice,” she answered.

Kevin was quick to agree.

“Well she’s small and she’s easy to carry,” he answered after being asked the same question.

The dancing duo is set to perform on “America’s Got Talent,” and Kevin appeared quite confident they would win. But while they are perfectly in sync on the dance floor, both Kevin and Beberly have very different plans for the money they could win on the talent competition.

"I'd save it for my college," Téllez said. "And I'd buy a house for my family."

With a smile Devers replied, "I'm going to buy a lot of toys."

After the interview, Beberly and Kevin impressed Ellen with another routine and the host had a few surprises of her own.

Check out the interview and performance in the video above.



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