06/03/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

Alfie Allen Denies Lily Allen's Incestuous 'Game Of Thrones' Cameo Claim

Justin Goff via Getty Images

Remember when Lily Allen claimed that she said "no thanks" to incest when producers offered her the opportunity to get felt up by her brother Alfie Allen on "Game of Thrones"?

Well, Alfie is calling BS on the his sister's claim, it seems. In an interview with Vulture, after one of the most brutal episodes of the series aired on June 1, the 27-year-old actor said that his sister was never offered the role of Yara Greyjoy -- his character's sister, whom he gropes not realizing who she is.

"The only thing I'm going to say on that is that it's not true," Allen told the website, when they flat out asked if his sister was actually offered the role as she claimed during her Reddit AMA session on May 13. "And also that Gemma Whalen was always their first choice for the part. And she's fantastic. And that's the only thing I'm going to say about that."

Hmm, is this Alfie's way of getting Lily back for writing that song about how he needed to get a job? Somehow we don't think so.

For more with Allen on "Game of Thrones," head over to Vulture.



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