06/12/2013 09:11 am ET Updated Jun 03, 2014

How To Sneak Brown Butter Into All Of Your Recipes

Your doughnuts, pastas, ice creams and pancakes will never be the same.

Hey, guys. You know what is great? Butter. You know what is better? Brown butter. If you've never made brown butter, it is definitely time for that to change. By cooking butter over low heat, past the melting point, until the milk solids begin to brown and the whole thing smells kind of nutty, you open a door into a whole new world of butter consumption. (There's a reason the French call it "beurre noisette," which roughly translates to "hazelnut-colored butter.") Did you hear that, guys? We said a whole new world of butter consumption.

Recently, on HuffPost Live, Andrew Zimmern questioned whether we need more ways to eat butter. When we're thinking about brown butter recipes, we like to think of that great thing Michael Pollan likes to say, "Eat whatever you like, as long as you cook it yourself."

The most amazing thing about cooking with brown butter is how versatile it is. You can sneak this stuff in anywhere you'd use regular butter, to add an extra layer of nutty, toasty, butter flavor -- from breakfast, to dinner, to dessert. Go forth and brown some butter!

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