06/03/2014 02:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

That Time Jon Hamm Told A Pregnant Amy Poehler To Get Her Sh-t Together

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Oh, Jon Hamm. You devil, you!

When he isn't playing boozing, womanizing ad exec Don Draper on "Mad Men," he's blowing up the Internet with tales of "Trivial Pursuit" or a stint on a '90s dating show. Now, however, a new story has emerged -- and it just might best the rest.

Amy Poehler, who stopped by BookCon this week to promote her forthcoming memoir, "Yes, Please," teased a bit about what fans can expect, and it includes a pretty fantastic anecdote involving Mr. Hamm. The comedian told fans of her first experience with the dreamy actor in 2008 -- when he was a first-time "SNL" host and Poehler was pregnant with her first child.

"I was just getting to know him, and we were doing a sketch, a 'Mad Men' sketch," Poehler said. "I was dressed in an old-timey way, in a big dress, and I was huge. My plan was that I was gonna do the Jon Hamm show and I was due the next day ... "

The actress, who had been in contact with her doctor throughout her final trimester, made one last call to discuss her due date when she received some terrible news.

"I was shooting with Hamm on Friday, and I called my doctor and the receptionist was crying. I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ and she said, ‘Oh, he passed away last night' ... "

Then Hamm proceeded to console a very hysterical, very pregnant Poehler in the most amazing way possible:

"Jon Hamm ... comes over and puts his hands on my shoulder and is like, ‘This is a really important show for me. I’m gonna need you to get your sh-t together.’ And I laughed so hard, I probably peed myself -– I believe that going through crying to laughing adds like five years to your life."

Is there anything you can't do, Don?

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