06/03/2014 12:46 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2014

We Have Rihanna And Anna Wintour's Text Messages, And They're Amazing

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Have you ever wanted to read Riri and Anna Wintour's texts? Well...*take deep breaths*... now you can. Sort of.

Wintour presented Rihanna with the CDFA Fashion Icon Award last night -- which is no surprise considering the pop star's insane ability to actually move fashion forward with a simple Instagram photo -- and we couldn't help but notice how chummy the duo looked.

Anna Wintour and Rihanna as friends is quite arguably the most bizarre friendship in the history of, well, ever. What is their relationship like? What do they talk about? While the thought of just being a fly on the wall during Rihanna and Wintour's real-life conversations thrills us, this imagined text message exchange that "went down" before the award show is just as good and helps us to imagine what these two have in common. We could go on and on analyzing every exchange, but we'll let the video (and emojis) do the talking:

Even though we know this video is fake, we still can't shake this uncanny feeling that this is actually how their conversations go down. See more clips like this on the CFDA website.



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