06/03/2014 05:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Meme Is A Reminder You Really Can't Trust Facts You Read On The Internet

Anyone who's surfed the web long enough knows never to trust any "fact" blindly -- particularly statistics. If you needed any proof of this, we invite you to meet Georg, the man who has ruined every quantitative fact you've ever heard by being the ultimate outlier.

Georg (note: NOT a real person) first appeared in 2013, when Tumblr user Max Lavergne posted about a fictional character named Spiders Georg who was skewing the factoid about people consuming 3 spiders a year by eating 10,000 of them:

spider georg

While the factoid basked in the spotlight for a brief time, it would not really reach full meme fame until April 2014, when the posts began to resurface once more. The posts all follow the same script: A oft-cited fact is actually wrong, because Georg was an outlier and ruined the factoid for everyone -- and yes, the misspelling "adn" in each of these posts is crucial.

Georg's re-emergence is already ruining not only some of our favorite facts but commenting on the worlds of comic fandom and politics... and even going totally meta by ruining Tumblr. Get ready to have everything you thought you knew ruined by Georg, exposer of Internet lies.

More facts Georg has debunked:

We don't know what reality is anymore.