06/04/2014 02:15 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2014

Bros Invent Beer Bong That Takes Things Up A Notch (VIDEO)

Sometimes, the biggest problem you have is finding someone to hold your beer bong.

Well, fear no more! A group of inventors looking out for the "bros" just created the ultimate beer bong holder -- aptly named the "Bro Bong."

The contraption allows for three (of age) friends to down a beer bong simultaneously with the help of any simple doorway. Matt Opalski, the inventor, said he graduated from college two years ago with "a degree in engineering and a master's in beer bonging." Opalski got the idea from a dusty Iron gym he found lying around.

Using a Kickstarter campaign, Opalski and his companions are are trying to change the way you and your friends drink forever.

To check out exactly how this LED-infused beer bong holder works, check out the video above.