06/04/2014 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The eCool In-Ground Beer Cooler Uses The Earth As A Cooler

Let the earth get you a beer.

The worst thing about summer outings is the ice. Someone always forgets to bring the ice. (We need to stop inviting those people out.) And so, you're stuck with warm beer. WORST SUMMER PREDICAMENT.

There's one innovative company that's looking to put an end to the ice dilemma once and for all. They've gone and replaced ice with dirt. The eCool In-Ground Cooler stores your drinks in the earth, using the naturally cooler temperatures below our feet to make your beverages ice cold. Here's how it works: dig a hole in the ground -- the company recommends using a garden drill, unless, as they say, you're a real man who prefers a shovel -- insert the eCool, add up to 24 cans (of beer, of course) and use the simple crank mechanism to feed cooled cans to the top and into your hands. Cold beer, no ice, pure genius.


The eCool In-Ground cooler is eco friendly AND saves you money on ice (or electricity), but it will set you back $349. We do have a few issues with this cooler, aside from the price. One, you have to dig a hole. In the ground. That's some serious hard work for a cold drink. And two, it's not portable, which is one of our favorite qualities in a cooler. The eCool is more like a dirty refrigerator.

But you can leave the eCool in the ground year round. And this cooler will, according to them, make the world a better place... one earth-cooled beer at a time. Yeah.

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