06/05/2014 07:18 am ET Updated Jun 05, 2014

Beauty Secrets From Five Brooklyn Babes Kristall

It’s easy to compare a group of cool-looking women to a girl band: They radiate a thread of common creativity among them. That’s how it felt when we met Elise Peterson, Marjon Carlos, Saada Ahmed, Chrissy Coleman, and Shabazz, five Brooklyn-based women who became friends while working for Saint Heron, the online editorial counterpart to Solange Knowles’s debut R&B compilation of the same name. Now, they’ve branched out: Peterson writes a sex column for Adult magazine; Carlos is a freelance fashion journalist; Ahmed has founded a monthly brunch party called Everyday People that’s grown into a cultural phenomenon; Coleman is the news and politics editor at Global Grind; while Shabazz is now the content manager for and runs her own artist-development company, Electric Circus. Their bonds may be all about shared ambition—but with their visually arresting good looks, how could we resist sitting down to talk beauty with this cool crew of Brooklyn style icons?