06/05/2014 11:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bicyclist's GoPro Captures Frightening Armed Robbery (WATCH)

GoPro cameras are famous for capturing unbelievable events and a video recently posted to YouTube by a bicyclist in South Africa is no exception.

The only difference being instead of capturing a cute kitten rescue or a Lego Man's space flight, the camera captured a frightening armed robbery.

First, all you see in the YouTube video is bicyclist Malcolm Fox enjoying a scenic ride in Somerset West, a town in the Western Cape.

Then, a hooded man with a small handgun comes trailing fast into the right frame.

"This is all I've got on me, I promise," Victim Malcolm Fox says to the gunman, who is soon joined by two co-conspirators. They take Fox's cellphone, car keys, sunglasses and bike, before ordering him to walk off in the opposite direction.

Surprisingly, none of the men seemed to take an interest in Fox's GoPro, mounted on his helmet. Fox, who posted the video on Youtube, explained further:

"Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their procecution! [sic]"

The video of the incident, which was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, was recorded on May 31.

Police spokesperson Andrᅢᄄ Traut told The Citizen that all three suspects were promptly arrested, two of them taken into custody on Sunday, and the third taken into custody on Monday. All three face robbery charges.

Their next court appearance will be later this month.