06/05/2014 05:04 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2014

Denver Cops, Wives Investigated For Alleged 'Swingers' Brawl

Two Denver police officers and their wives are being investigated for a "swingers'" brawl that allegedly took place at one of the cop's homes last month.

The May 19 incident started when officer Jeremy Ownbey and his wife, Jamie, went to the Aurora home of fellow Denver Officer Steve Sloan and his wife, Stephanie.

Police responded to a disturbance call at Sloan's house around 11:30 p.m., according to Aurora Police Dept. spokesman Frank Fania.

The Sloans and the Ownbeys had apparently been drinking and then got into an argument.

When the Sloans asked their guests to leave, Jamie Ownbey allegedly punched Stephanie Sloan, Fania told the Denver Post.

Steven Sloan responded by hitting Jamie Ownbey. Her husband started fighting with Sloan, who eventually pulled out a gun, Fania told the paper. Sloan also called the Aurora police but Ownbey left before the officers arrived.

This brawl may have its roots in something deeper.

The two officers are best friends with many shared experiences, including the police academy in 2006 and, more recently, sexual encounters with Jamie Ownbey, CBS Denver reports.

Jamie Ownbey told police that she, her husband and Sloan have all participated in swing sessions with each other. She says Sloan's ex-wife participated in some, and that she had sex with both men by herself four years ago.

Sloan's current wife, Stephanie, has refused to join in, according to a police report obtained by the station.

Sources tell that her unwillingness to swing led to the May 19 brawl.

No charges have been filed, but officers who responded to the call later discovered the Ownbeys' children were left at home without adult supervision. The couple could face child endangerment charges, according to

Sloan and Ownbey have both been assigned to desk duty at the Denver Police Department, pending an investigation by the Aurora Police Department.

Aurora authorities are also investigating how their officers handled the swinging skirmish.

Although Ownbey left the Sloans' house, he returned to speak to officers. Officers believed he was intoxicated but did not give him a roadside sobriety test. Instead, one of the officers drove him home.

"We made a poor decision," Aurora Police Dept. spokesman Frank Fania told the Denver Channel.



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