06/05/2014 05:56 am ET

Endangered Parrot Humps Zoologist's Head And Breaks The Internet (VIDEO)

Now that's what we'd call a close encounter of the bird kind.

This week, a video of a critically endangered parrot humping a zoologist's head has experienced a viral resurgence after being shared on Facebook by the people at "I F--king Love Science."

The clip, which was originally uploaded to YouTube in 2009, shows a kakapo -- a flightless bird that lives in New Zealand -- clambering onto zoologist Mark Carwardine's shoulders and getting frisky with his head.

According to the description that accompanies the video, the clip was taken from "Last Chance To See," a 2009 wildlife documentary featuring Carwardine and actor Stephen Fry.

"I'm sorry but this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen," Fry says in the video, laughing uproariously as the kakapo thrusts its body onto Carwardine's head. "You are being shagged by a rare parrot."

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there were fewer than 130 kakapos still in the wild as of 2012.



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