06/05/2014 04:14 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2014

Reporters: White House Failed On Media Strategy For Obamacare

The implementation of Obamacare could've gone a lot more smoothly had the White House employed a different media strategy, according to some of the journalists who covered the legislation.

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein and Jeff Young recently sat down with Vox's Sarah Kliff, Bloomberg's Alex Wayne and Kaiser's Julie Rovner to talk about what it has been like covering the Affordable Care Act. The roundtable was in agreement that the Obama administration did not do an effective job of framing the law or explaining to the public how it would work.

"Obama stopped talking about it for two years after it passed," Wayne said. "It was a stupid was like he was embarrassed about it."

Rovner recalled seeing the White House fumble its messaging about the law in the months leading up to enrollment.

"I think they never had a structured messaging strategy," Rovner, who wrote about the issue, remarked. She said that Nancy-Ann DeParle, one of the architect's of the legislation, even told her in 2012 that messaging had not been the administration's priority because implementing the law was considered more important.

Watch the discussion in the clip above.